Tax Refund Checks Bear Odd Signatures

Well this is a little goofy. Recipients of government checks this week were surprised to see they were signed by Mickey Mouse.

Flu Vaccinations 'Reduce Risk' Of Developing A Much Worse Disease

Flu vaccinations have been linked to a significantly reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


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Trump Caught On Speakerphone Bragging About Confederate Bases

Sen. James Inhofe took a call from President Trump at a restaurant in Washington, DC.

Family Confirms Death Of Acting Star

The Broadway and sitcom actress died after a battle with acute myeloid leukemia. She was 47 years old.


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Monica Lewinsky's Twitter Joke Goes Viral

Monica Lewinsky's joke is winning the internet, at least according to some.

Cops Dig Up Garden In Search For Madeleine McCann

An allotment garden near Hanover, Germany is being dug up in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, authorities have confirmed.

Play Mahjongg Solitaire For Free

Enjoy playing Mahjongg? Is Solitaire one of your favorites? This new creation combines the best of both!

First Lady Tests Positive For Coronavirus As Nation's Struggle Deepens

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Turns Out How You Sleep Is Related To How Much You Make

A new study has found that people who get a good night's sleep are likely to earn more money.

Twitter Permanently Bans Former KKK Leader David Duke

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has been banned from Twitter for breaking the social media platform’s site’s rules.

Egypt Sets Elon Musk Straight About Pyramids, Aliens

After Elon Musk tweeted last week that "Aliens built the pyramids obv," Egypt has officially set him straight. "I follow your work with a lot of admiration. I invite you…

Russia Will Start Mass COVID Vaccinations in October

Clinical trials are not yet complete, but Russia plans to roll out a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination campaign in October. Teachers and health care workers will be the first…


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This moss drinks fog.

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Wary parents, teachers and children are looking on as students return to classrooms in a northeastern state of Germany

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Alan Parker, 'Fame' and 'Mississippi Burning' Director, Dead at 76

Alan Parker, 'Fame' and 'Mississippi Burning' Director, Dead at 76 The British Film Institute announced the death of the acclaimed British director on Friday. Parker's…

Some autopsies remain secret for years or decades. Families of those killed by police want that changed


Roads in Seoul, South Korea, were closed on Aug. 3, as heavy rain caused the Han River to overflow its banks.

No In-Person Classes for Barron Trump: Official

President Trump's son Barron won't be attending his private school in September after a COVID-19 directive from health officials, Business Insider reports. Travis Gayles—he…


Portland protests heated up again Saturday night after a relatively peaceful stint following the departure of federal officers earlier in the week, USA Today reports. In fact…

The case of conjoined bat twins

The case of conjoined bat twins.


Nuclear bailout tied to bribery scandal was years in making

Ohio lawmakers are facing calls to repeal a $1 billion nuclear plant bailout that’s now entangled in a state bribery scandal

U.K.’s Sky Arts Commissions Photography Project ‘Rankin’s 2020’


Joe Biden Narrows Down VP List, Karen Bass Emerges as Key Contender

Joe Biden Narrows Down VP List, Karen Bass Emerges as Key Contender The chair of the Congressional Black Caucus has become a frontrunner after intensive lobbying by her…

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